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Cryptosporidium ELISA Kit

Cryptosporidium ELISA Kit
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Product name:Cryptosporidium ELISA Kit
Cryptosporidium is a coccidian parasite that is recognized as an important enteric pathogen. The organism causes an acute, though self-limiting infection in immunocompetent individuals. Incubation periods of 1 to 12 days have been reported with most oocyst shedding ending by day 21. Symptoms range from mild to severe diarrhea with a variety of complications.
The infection in immunocompromised patients is much more severe and may often be life threatening. Passage of fluid, up to 12 liters per day, has been reported.
Multiple pathways of Cryptosporidium transmission have been implicated. These include animal to human, water contamination and person-to-person. The latter may include contact between members of the same household, day care centers, and homosexual men.

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