What is Anti-Dynamin 2 ?

Anti-Dynamin 2 represent one of the subfamilies of GTP-binding proteins. These proteins share considerable sequence similarity over the N-terminal portion of the molecule, which contains the GTPase domain.
Anti-Dynamin 2 are associated with microtubules. They have been implicated in cell processes such as endocytosis and cell motility, and in alterations of the membrane that accompany certain activities such as bone resorption by osteoclasts. Anti-Dynamin 2 bind many proteins that bind actin and other cytoskeletal proteins.
Anti-Dynamin 2 can also self-assemble, a process that stimulates GTPase activity. Four alternatively spliced transcripts encoding different proteins have been described. Additional alternatively spliced transcripts may exist, but their full-length nature has not been determined.