What is Taenia?

Taenia is a brand of tapeworm (a blazon of helminth) that includes some important parasites of livestock. Associates of the brand are amenable for taeniasis and cysticercosis in humans, which are a blazon of helminthiasis acceptance to the accumulation of alone close diseases. More than 100 breed are recorded. They are morphologically characterized by a ribbon-like physique composed of a alternation of segments alleged proglottids; appropriately the name Taenia (Greek tainia acceptation ribbon, bandage, or stripe). The antecedent end of the physique is the scolex. Not all associates of the brand Taenia accept an armed scolex (hooks and/or spines amid in the "head" region), for example, Taenia saginata has an caught scolex, while Taenia solium has an armed scolex.
Proglottids accept a axial ovary, with a vitellarium (yolk gland) after to it. As in all cyclophyllid cestodes, a animal pore occurs on the ancillary of the proglottid. Eggs are appear if the proglottid deteriorates, so a uterine pore is unnecessary.
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