Collagenase Applications

Isolation of adipocytes, hepatocytes, and beef from lung, epithelium and adrenal tissue
Isolation of cardiomyocytes and beef from bone, cartilage, muscle, thyroid, and endothelium
Isolation of mammary and assorted added bendable tissues
Isolation of beastly and beefy pancreatic islet beef (Kin 2007)
Treatment of tissues with awkward collagenase, with its admixture of proteolytic activities, provides gentle, careful assimilation of the intercellular cast with little accident to beef or accident of viability
AFA collagenase is acceptable for applications defective to abstain addition of beastly acquired bacilli into bioprocessing procedures
For collagen structural and biosynthetic studies advisers about use added awful antiseptic collagenase affairs chargeless of added proteolytic activities.