what is Anti-CD55 antibiotic?

Anti-CD55 antibiotic, aswell able-bodied accepted as decay-accelerating agency (DAF), is a affiliate of the RCA (regulators of accompaniment activation) ancestors characterized by four to 30 SCRs (short accord repeats) in their plasma-exposed regions. It is a above regulator of the another and classical pathways of accompaniment activation and is bidding on all serum-exposed cells. CD55 is physiologically acting as an inhibitor of the accompaniment system, but is aswell broadly bidding in cancerous tumours.
DAF seems to apply altered functions above its immunological role such as advance of tumorigenesis, abatement of accompaniment advised bump corpuscle lysis, autocrine loops for corpuscle accomplishment and artifice of apoptosis, neoangiogenesis, invasiveness, corpuscle motility. It is frequently hijacked by advancing pathogens, including abounding enteroviruses and uropathogenic Escherichia coli, to advance cellular adapter above-mentioned to infection. This 70-75 kDa glycoprotein CD55 absolute four SCR modules is circuitous in the adjustment of the accompaniment cascade. It inhibits accompaniment activation by suppressing the action of C3/C5 convertases, thereby attached bounded bearing or degradation of C3a/C5a and film advance circuitous (MAC or C5b-9) production.
DAF has been articular as a ligand for an activation-associated, seven-transmembrane lymphocyte receptor, CD97, which is a receptor mediating adapter and infection of several bacilli and bacteria. In addition, it has been apparent that DAF regulates the coaction amid accompaniment and T corpuscle amnesty in vivo, and appropriately may be active in allowed and bump biology.