what is Anti-defensin β1?

Anti-defensin β1 / FITC fluorescence defensin β1 antibiotic labeled with horseradish peroxidase antibody, biotinylated antibiotic labeled with colloidal gold antibody, rhodamine red (RBITC) labeled antibody, PE-labeled orange, FITC refers to blooming fluorescence.
Anti-defensin β1 (Human) antibiotic defensin β1 antibiotic is awful specific, immunohistochemistry is the appliance of this principle. Extracted aboriginal tissue or beef of assertive chemicals, as an antigen or hapten-specific antibiotic is acquired by immunizing animals, this antibiotic is agnate to ascertain antigens in tissues or beef of substance.
Since the antigen-antibody circuitous and is achromatic and accordingly are aswell organized by a actinic process, the antibody-antigen bounden website is apparent with its ambit of tissues or beef alien antigens qualitative or quantitative analysis positioning.