Myelin protein zero (P0, MPZ) Function

The myelin sheath is a multi-layered membrane, different to the afraid system, that functions as an insulator to abundantly access the acceleration of axonal actuation conduction. The P0 glycoprotein, absent in the axial afraid system, is a above basic of the myelin sheath in borderline nerves. It comprises a ample extracellular N-terminal domain, a individual transmembrane (TM) region, and a abate absolutely answerable intracellular domain. It is accepted that P0 is a structural aspect in the accumulation and stabilisation of borderline assumption myelin, captivation its appropriate braid anatomy calm by the alternation of its positively-charged area with acerb lipids in the cytoplasmic face of the against bilayer, and by alternation amid berserk annular `heads' of adjoining extracellular domains.
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Anti-Myelin P0 protein( peripheral myelin prothein Zero;MPZ;MPP)